Silver Plated Pearl Cages

Our magnificent Cages for Pearls

are the best way to wear your own loose pearl and enjoy them very much but at the same time wouldn't destroy your gem by drilling a hole in it. Each of our caged pearl necklace designs has an elegant cage pearl pendant that holds any pearl up to 8mm in size, few of them can hold bigger pearls. More excitingly, the cage is quite transparent allowing the luster and colors of the pearl to shine through at every hint of sunlight. All of the pearl holder pendants are designed to keep in round, oval, or baroque pearls. Only a few of them are appropriate only for round pearls. The beautiful cage for pearl pendants are easy-to-open allows the pearl to be worn, protected. Set your own pearl in or the one you will get from our oyster is a piece of cake!

Buy Pearls in Clam

if you already haven't fished out pearls of other oysters and have real fun at home. Clamshell with pearl has been farm-raised for a few years until the pearl grows up to the desired size. Real oysters with pearls color surprise - white, black, pink, or purple. Or if you don't want to risk, you simply select the desired color and size pearl. The pearl in an oyster shell is Single(one pearl) or Twins(two pearls).

Add more style and classy to your appearance, spoil yourself or her, buy for a gift or for yourself, guaranteed it will perfectly fit your desire and you wouldn’t be like others…

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